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Life is simple, let it come naturally

Our Story

"It started with a bite on the cheek. Literally, a mosquito bit me on the cheek while working in the garden with my mother. I bruise like a banana and I didn’t want a huge red mark on my face." - Iyinoluwa Omishope, CEO of It Comes Naturally

After heeding her mother's advice, Iyinoluwa sought a natural solution to the bite to avoid irritating her sensitive skin. She put mint from the garden on her face to reduce the swelling and irritation. After seeing the success of the mint she knew that she could make something natural to repel the mosquitoes as well. She found that the majority of repellents sold in stores are full of toxic chemicals and artificial preservatives. Iyinoluwa, like nearly 50% of Americans have sensitive skin and are very selective their choice of topical products and especially repellents. They need to be gentle but at the same time they must work, which is why she created the all natural insect repellent. This product is a DEET- free, non-toxic, 100% natural solution with 100% efficacy against ticks and 80% efficacy against mosquitoes. The repellent gives you the freedom to reclaim your summer days and feel more secure when enjoying the great outdoors. We have also created a full line of natural skincare products with quality ingredients that are safe for your skin and for the environment.

Though our company was born because of a bite on the cheek, it is so much more than that! We know that insects are a nuisance but they are also among the world's deadliest creatures and they claim millions of lives globally. We have to do better and we can, that's why It Comes Naturally has taken on the social mission to reduce the amount of insect related death worldwide.  We will donate products and funds to countries and individuals that are at high-risk of contracting and dying from insect-borne illnesses such as Lyme, Malaria and the Zika virus.  We are in the business of saving lives and we will put an end to the tyrannous reign of insect-borne illness once and for all. 


About the Founder

Iyinoluwa Omishope - Founder/CEO

My name is Iyinoluwa Omishope. I have a passion for helping others and I really want to use our products to help those that live in fear of going outside. There are so many people that need these products and we will work to get them into their hands. I am determined to make a positive impact for all people that I encounter, that is why this company's overall mission is to do the most good. 

Through my hunger to do more, I have learned what it really takes to create and run this business. I have met the best mentors and advisers that any entrepreneur could ask for, and they are an essential part of my success.